Dear community,

I'm writing on behalf of our relative RaheNi González. There's a lot to it but RaheNi has been experiencing serious and consistent health complications since contracting COVID-19 last year. For over a year now, they've expressed feeling symptoms of debilitating fatigue and brain fog as well as sometimes having intense neurological "episodes" including tremors and muscle spasms. It's all been somewhat mysterious but it's had such an impact on RaheNi that for months now they've been physically unable to work or walk their dog Anani around the block. They are also not able to drive a vehicle at this time in case another episode occurs. For 9 months they've been seeing Western doctors and doing various tests. They are scheduled to see a neurologist in September. 

Besides working on getting information and diagnostics from Western doctors, RaheNi's also been taking on their healing by seeing a Naturopath and a Chiropractor, as well as eating the best quality foods for their body. ALL of which cost A LOT of money. Not to mention they are paying bay area prices in rent. RaheNI is in a place where they need financial resources *now* in order to continue with the necessary steps for their healing.

I'm writing to ask for your financial support/contribution for our dear RaheNi. RaheNi is absolutely in a place where they need to be focusing 100% on their health without the stress of worrying where that money is going to come from. We'd like to start by raising $5,000.

RaheNi is a Taino two-spirit, queer prayer warrior, and young elder. Today is their 51st birthday! They are a Leo, a light. They are so incredibly valuable and their WHOLE self is needed. 

Let's share what we have and support them on their road to 100% recovery!

*1st photo by photographer Vaschelle Andre.


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